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Yoga Etiquette at Arlington Hot Yoga & Wellness

“Yoga etiquette” is a list of manners to enhance your yoga experience for all who enter our studio home. Let’s work on this together, to make everyone’s experience wonderful for all who enter our space.

Be early, if you are on time, you are late.

You may have heard this in your classes here at AHYW. Arrive 15 to 20 minutes before class start. We always strive to start and end our classes on time. We know your time is valuable. We lock our door at the beginning of class. No late entry. The beginning Pranayama breathing that we do is essential to having a great class. The ending breathing and savasana is also essential to receive the full benefits of everything you worked for in class. Our 60- or 90-minute Bikram classes are designed with each posture having significance building throughout class. Please work this into your schedule, it will make a difference in your practice and your life. How you do this yoga is how you do everything.

Check in at our front Desk.

Please give our front desk person or your teacher your name. We may ask you for your picture for your profile. This helps our staff make sure we have the correct student checked in.

Remove your shoes, leave technology in Lobby.

No shoes, socks, cell phones allowed in yoga room. Yoga is practiced in bare feet unless you have special medical need for socks. Leave your expectations in the lobby. Your body is different every day. Be kind to yourself.

Enter the yoga room quietly.

Find your spot in the room. The room is laid out to stay organized and give everyone space. If you are new to the practice (less than 100 classes), please go in the back 2 rows of the room (close to the lobby door). Your teacher may move you up to the front 2 rows at their discretion when we have a full class.

Please practice SILENCE in the yoga room.

Silence is Golden. Establish your space, then relax on your mat. Be conscious of how you place your mat, towel, and water bottle down. Mingle & socialize with friends outside the yoga room in the lobby or locker rooms. The teacher is the only one who should speak in class. If you have a question, please wait to ask teacher at the end of class in the lobby.

Water only in room.

Thank you for only bringing clear WATER into the room when taking class. It’s the best way to prevent anything sweet or sticky in our yoga room. We don’t want to invite ants in to do yoga with us! No GLASS please.

Come Hydrated.

If you are drinking lots of water during class, you probably didn’t drink enough before class. Have water accordingly at water break, then between postures, so you don’t disturb your neighbors.

Be courteous to all your neighbors.

Watch for your neighbors beside & behind you with placement of mat, water and where you stand or lay down. Everyone should be able to see a piece of themselves in the mirrors.


Please respect the teacher and follow along the best you can.


Manage yourself and stand / sit / kneel as needed during standing series. Anytime you lay on the floor in Savasana, feet face the back wall. This is our rest position during the floor series.


Bikram Hot Yoga is not recommended for any person without mature sweat glands. The youngest we allow is 13 years old. Younger children can come in at the floor series only. We do not provide child care.

Mind Personal Hygiene.

No strong perfumes / colognes. If necessary, rinse before class, use mouth wash. Please wash yoga clothes and towels thoroughly. Have clean dry feet. If you are a heavy sweater, you may want to consider changing towels half way thru class. Bring a bag for wet clothes.


Smile at yourself, relax, don’t be so serious.

Don’t leave the yoga room until you are dismissed.

The teacher says “namaste” at the end of class. This is a polite gesture of good by. Make it a habit to say “namaste” back to the teacher before you get up and go.


Please take no more than a 2 minute shower. Certain times of day are busy and everyone needs to be able to shower that wants to and it’s always good to conserve water.

Lost and Found.

If you forgot your yoga items, please call to let us know, then come back within 24 hours to collect. We have lost & found bin in Men’s & Women’s locker rooms. We also have lost & found mats in our storage room. Claim them or they will get donated.