The foundation of our studio, the original hot yoga. The room is heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity. This is a sequence of 26 postures performed in a set order. Each posture is held in a static stretch rather than a flow format. The Bikram yoga format is the most accessible style of yoga because any level, age, or condition the student can join the class.

HOT 60

The 60-minute class is based on the Bikram 90 Series. This is a condensed version of the 90-minute Bikram class, performed in 60 minutes. The room is heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity.


This is a 60-minute class practiced with soft music. Your teacher practices and the students follow simple cues. The room is heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity. This class is not for first time or new students.


This 60-minute class uses High Intensity Interval training (HIIT) offering Low Impact moves using Pilates’ principles. Options are given for each movement according to your level throughout the class. Each movement has different stages to increase the intensity of the class according to your level. The room is heated to 95 degrees with 40% humidity. You can balance Hot Pilates with other classes. This mixed level class strengthens muscles, increases flexibility, and improves overall health.


These are our virtual on line classes. We offer Zoom Bikram 60 minutes & 90 minutes. Sign up on our schedule for these classes at least 1 hour or more prior to class. The private Zoom link will be sent to you 1 hour prior to class. You can get a Zoom Only membership, or our regular studio membership which currently includes access to Zoom classes.