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Kym Green

I have been practicing bikram yoga since 2010. I graduated from Bikram Yoga teacher training in Acapulco, Mexico in the spring of 2017.

My yoga journey began when I received the devastating news of a breast cancer diagnosis in the summer of 2010.
I have been physically active all of my life. I have been a long time runner, regular gym goer and sports enthusiast, etcetera.

After my cancer diagnosis and all of my surgeries and treatments that I was going through, I felt depressed and hopeless until I found bikram yoga. From the very first day I practiced I knew I was in for life! Words cannot describe how wonderful I felt that day!
I can honestly say it was a godsend! I don’t know if I could have made it through without it, it literally saved my life!

I have continued to practice almost every day since then and want to understand even more about this beautiful yoga. After 7 years of practice, I decided to become a teacher so that I can help share this remarkable practice that I love so much and is so CLOSE to my heart!
I want to help make this yoga community beautiful and strong! I am a living proof that no matter what you are going through, this yoga can enrich your everyday life and more!

I believe that if everyone were practicing yoga, this world would be a better place!

I love life and love people from everywhere!