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Jalmera Gill-Barber

My name is Jalmera Gill-Barber and I am Personal Trainer. I was introduced to Bikiram yoga in 2018. I fell in love with this practice. It challenged my mental and emotional wellness , the physical portion part of this style yoga was just a plus. During my practice I became interested in teaching. I wanted to share this style of practice with so many other students, because I was a true believer of what it meant to my life and the changes it made for my sanity. During my time of practicing I was able to receive my certification in HP (Hot Pilates) in 2021. HP is such a challenge for me personally it keeps me honest to myself and to those I lead in the process of health and fitness. It also allows me the ability to interact with others in a social manner that is fun and exciting. I enjoy having fun and watching other’s be playful having a joyous time as well. In 2022, I received my the biggest accomplishment ever as I became a Bikiram Yoga instructor. Life has been good for me spiritually, mentally, emotionally and I’m grateful to God for allowing me to shine my light displaying the feeling I get ever time I leave my mat.
I pray I have the absolute pleasure of sharing this journey with you all.